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Perfection Floor Tile Seal365

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Perfection Tile Seal365

Specs: 1 Gallon = up to 1400 sqft 

Perfection Tile Seal365 is a top coat formulated to enhance the rich, natural colors of your Perfection Floor without leaving them looking like they have a plastic finish. It seals any resilient tile floor to create a Smooth unbroken base. It not only enhances the colors it will protect your flooring from dirt, spills and abrasions that come from heavy traffic. 

Perfection Tile Seal365 is a low gloss floor coating. The smooth coating reflects the light creating a low luster appearance.  It provides excellent resistance to black marks, scuffs, scratches, and heel marks.  No buffing is required, however a high speed buffer can be used if desired.

Perfection Tile Seal365 revitalizes the wear layer of your tile. Over time dirt and grit can cause pits to form in tiles trapping dirt and making tiles hard to clean.  Apply a few coats to repair and restore the original wear layer of the tile.  Revitalizing this layer will restore the luster and rich colors of your tile. 

Perfection Tile Seal365 is highly recommended for Day Care Centers and assisted living and nursing homes, especially those caring for Alzheimer's patients.  Geriatric experts have concluded high glossed floors can appear shiny to a Alzheimer's patient making them think the floor is wet.  Recommended for any setting where a low gloss floor is desired.  

Directions: Deep scrub top surface of your flooring. Apply 1-2 Coats for residential use, and 3-5 coats for commercial use. Use small cotton mop to apply Perfection Tile Seal365 to your surface.  Quick downtime with a dry time of 30 minutes. 

Maintenance: Use a dry mop sweeper to pick up grit and soil, do so to dust floor after period of high traffic 


Q: What is the shelf life of Seal365?

A: 2 Years

Q: What is the recommended maintenance with the sealer on the floor? 

A: With light traffic, mop with water and a cleaning solution. With heavily soiled floors, clean with Simple Green - rinse well. 

Q: Should it be reapplied? 

A: In heavy traffic areas, we suggest reapplying either once a year or every two years. In residential settings you may have to reapply less than that.

Q: Does it start to get thick after multiple applications?

A: No - the sealant is thin, but very durable.

Q: Does the sealant eventually wear off with use?

A: Technically, yes. With regular cleaning and very heavy commercial traffic, it will take over a year to wear off. In residential use, it will last much longer.


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