Perfection Floor Tile Master Mosaic

Perfection Floor Master Mosaic Collection | Flexible Interlocking Tile | 20" x 20" x 5 MM | Sold by the Case | 6 Tiles Per Case | Each Case Covers Approx 16.62 Sq Feet (Each Tile Covers 2.77 Sq Feet) | Made In USA | 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Stone Tiles 

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Perfection Floor Natural Stone - Master Mosaic has the look of real stone. Tiles are flexible, interlocking, luxury vinyl tiles. Perfection Floor Master Mosaic Collection has a flexible hidden interlocking and virtually water tight seam.  Easy DIY install, these tiles install over many existing sub floors with very little or no floor preparation.  No adhesive needed in most applications, be sure to read our Installation Tips.