Metal Peg Board

PegBoard MX™ metal pegboard panel is the next generation peg board. Holds up to 1 ton. Don't try that with an ordinary peg board. The PegBoard MX™ is built with heavy-duty all metal construction and will never rust, rot, corrode or degrade like traditional peg board. The peg holes will stay true for a lifetime. Unlike conventional pegboard, the PegBoard MX™ metal pegboard requires no additional framing - just screw into the wall and it is ready to go. No maintenance required.

Available in an assortment of metals and color for distinct appearances - steel, diamond plate, brushed aluminum and stainless steel (which also works great for holding magnets). This versatile tool offers plenty of space for storing frequently used tools within plain view. It is adaptable -- the peg hooks and accessories can be arranged and rearranged to meet your specific needs.