Flex Brush

1-1/2" Slim-Line Polypropylene Brush, 200' Reel, Flex Brush

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As the perfect companion for the garage door industry, Flex Brush saves end-users money every month.  (Fits Slim Line Retainers)

Flex Brush is the convenient, money saving new alternative to traditional metal-back brush seals.  Made of rugged yet lightweight and pliable materials, Flex Brush weighs up to 40% less than conventional brushes.

  • Eliminates scrap and splices
  • Easy transport, storage, handling and installation
  • Can be cut on-site to the exact length required
  • Resistance against corrosion and chemicals
  • Homogeneous bond between the backing material and th efilament.

Studies have shown that even a 1/8” gap around a standard 16’ x 7’ garage door can amount to hundreds of wasted dollars in heating and cooling expenses. In fact, that insignificant 1/8” gap is roughly equivalent to a 6” x 6” hole in the wall. Multiplied by the number of doors in a building, it becomes clear that without proper weather sealing, both energy and money are being wasted.

Flex Brush can be cut to any length, eliminating wasted scrap. In addition, the product can be placed on a reel for easy storage. Flex Brush can be completely customized to fit a customer’s specific needs by adjusting the length of the high-quality brush filament or by altering the brush’s retainer. With a commitment to quality, Flex Brush is manufactured to ensure a standard, smooth and strong backing. Flex Brush is suited to be used in conjunction with garage doors or standard doorways. It is perfect for:

• Non-chemical Pest Control

• Air Flow Control

• Dust Control

• Light Control

• Sound Control

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